The Turning Point

Wow, what a year 2020 has been so far!  I don’t think anyone expected their lives to be turned upside down in such a short amount of time. 

This has really been quite the year for my family, and I know for all of yours as well.

Our family bought and sold a house this year.  That alone is stressful enough.  Buying and selling a house during quarantine and a pandemic, brings its own set of issues. Everything has been such an ordeal.  I don’t want to get into the specifics, but let me say one thing.  It was way more than we were prepared for.  But our house sold fast, so that on its own was a HUGE relief for us. In our new home, we have lots of maintenance issues we are dealing with.  And because of the pandemic, everything is taking WAY longer than it normally would. But we love our new home and can’t complain too much.  We have 5 acres of trees with a moving creek on our property.  The setting is an absolute dream.  We got lucky with the timing on finding this piece of land.  And the house layout is exactly what our family needed. 

We moved into our new house thinking that I would be teaching from home.  We moved into our house pretty much right before the pandemic and quarantine really got serious.  The timing could not have been better.  I was happy to be in the new home. However, my plan to teach from inside my home did get postponed for the time being.  Since I have sewing skills, I have gotten a HUGE number of requests to make face masks.  I made 100 masks to donate for distribution to local hospitals and other facilities.  After that, my requests were coming in by the dozens.  I honestly did not want to make them. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s really sad to me that this is now a need, and I have to help with this need.  Seeing everyone wearing something over their face in public is really depressing to me. I don’t like it one bit.  However, this is just the way it has to be right now.  I sure hope this isn’t a permanent thing. Then I realized that I have a skill that is in need.  And I wanted to help. So I started selling face masks, and that is what I have to do for the time being.  It is what it is.

Unfortunately, on top of everything else, our beloved family cat died this year.  She was 16 and lived a very long and great life.  But losing a pet is devastating and we miss her every day. We currently have 1 kitty, and the kids have been doing lots of internet research on what kind of pet we should get next. We are thinking a kitten, a watch dog, or a few goats to help us with the overabundance of Poison Ivy that fills the perimeter of our yard.  I’m in no huge rush to get another pet right away, but I do think it would make the kids happy. So we shall see………

So here we are at the halfway point of the infamous year 2020. This is the turning point.  We have to start taking better care of ourselves.  We have to take better care of the planet we live on.  We have to make some changes that we really do not want to make.  We have to wear face masks. And many people don’t want to.  I understand the reasons. I hate masks and I make them! But we do whatever we can to help. We are in the middle of a pandemic, and we have to get over this.

Everybody is dealing with these things differently.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I stay home and avoid people.  I have always been an introverted, home based, busy-body.  I never get bored spending time by myself.  I have kids to raise and take care of, and I enjoy doing that. We were a homeschooling family before all of this started.  But we have had to make many very significant changes to our lives and the way that we do things. My kids miss “normal” life and playing with their friends.  My kids get invites to birthday parties and I have to make the horribly gut wrenching decision to allow them to go, or not.  It’s awful being put into this situation.  Nobody has all the answers. We are all just doing the best that we can.

Here are some things that truly help me to feel better.  And I should add that I often hear people tell me that I “have it all together” and “handle everything so well” and that they just can’t be like that.  I want to add that my life is far from perfect. I am not perfect and there is no such thing as perfect.  And that is perfectly OK.  Please just realize this. If you don’t do these things, it doesn’t mean I will be judging you for it.  I just enjoy helping people and helping myself in the process.

 These are the five main things that help!

  1. Meditation.  You don’t have to be a religious or spiritual person to practice meditation. It is probably the number one thing that has helped me.
  2. Get outside! Get some fresh air and sunshine. Go for a walk, or tend to your garden. Just enjoy the outdoors often.
  3. Be creative! Making art can mean many different things, from painting to taking photos, to dancing, making music, cooking, sewing, knitting and even just coloring.  It really doesn’t matter.  Just do something creative!
  4. Eat healthy. Does this mean eating a perfectly healthy diet? Of course not.  Just eat a balanced diet that is full of fresh and nutritious foods. It’s ok to cheat now and then, just be sure to fill up on the good stuff!
  5. Exercise. I don’t like to exercise, at all. But it’s important to do something you enjoy doing that gets your heart pumping.  I like to swim or jump on the trampoline with my kids.  And make sure to do some stretching or yoga to keep your body nice and flexible. Pilates is another really good one that combines both stretching and strength.

What works for me may not necessarily work for you.  The idea is to learn from all of this and to move forward.  It’s so important to focus on slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life.  I can’t stress this enough.  Enjoy the little things. Love one another and find joy in life. Focus on a solution, not what is wrong in this world.  There are many things going wrong, and whatever we focus on, will be the outcome. We have to stay positive and work towards a better world, a healthy world with healthy people. It’s so important that we nurture both our physical and mental health. We will come out stronger from this. This too shall pass…….

We are all in this together. Peace and Love.

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  1. What a wonderful, insightful, moving, and honest essay. You are remarkable and help to center your family daily. I know the choices we have to make, right now especially, are not always easy but you make the choices you do to help keep you and your family’s sanity. Thank you for all you do and for being you! I appreciate you, love you, and miss you terribly!


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